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What Is Culture?

What Is Culture?

In a broader sense, the consolidation of physical assets and intellectual property that are made in the social historical practice. In the narrowest sense, this means that the system takes on social psychological and organizational means, a reflection of the social and economic policy, and has the power of social and economic policy. With production and development of the nation, the culture has the property of the nation. Each system has its proper social culture, and develop all cultures developed as a social area. The continuity of equipment Social Development decides that the development of culture, continuity and historical sequence.

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General ability and the right literal sense: the learning / cultural level culture. The sociologist, deputy editor of the "union" Mr. Aijun recalls that the concept of "culture" is very deep, broad and too narrow sense is a scholiast therefore sees culture that way. Historicity, group and effect. So it is said that the culture of aggregation of matter refers happiness and spiritual wealth of social historical practice. He believes that it is difficult to definition of culture, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow. in the broadest sense, culture is great. In the culture in the strict sense is a phenomenon of intellectual cultural creativity involved. In fact, each has its theoretical concept a difficult problem. But Aijun also think much about understanding the culture, so we should treat it as values, the sense of beauty and wonder, and so on, to some extent, similar concept of spirit, social conscience and ethics. in his view, it could be visual and invisible. For example, the mind, morality, values ​​and the invisible religion include culture; . While "a work of art, a temperature, an opera, a masterpiece and an activity" belonging to visual culture, it stresses of modern society, the culture is manifested in four aspects: spiritual food values, religious beliefs and moral standards. For example, if we have a period in the history of culture. we can only say that this story gives us food for thought and inspiration, or this story is written in a piece of work and will be published, or, history gives us the Revolution estimates.
In addition, no holds objections to the protection of non-material culture Quanjude. They insist that Quanjude not cultural material. As in reality it is not Quanjude shop need protection; It is the process of Quanjude never comes as commercial approach, fastpitch softball bats discount moral rules, history, trade and brand value. These include all require no cultural material and protection. Therefore, as with the understanding of culture, said Aijun that we should not accept culture as static and will never change, but it is dynamic, it will change with the human mind tends to appreciate the moral and social conscience of the simplest example is the beginning of reform and open, we take culture as "spirit" so that "material culture", "spiritual civilization". Subsequent to the renewal of our concept and the development of society, we believe that the "spirit" do not quite understand social culture intension. Thus, in important works later, "high culture" concept appears. In fact, the spiritual realm of the great culture included. "The advanced culture" is the great cultural offer is good for social development and the evolution of the social development.
What "who"? composite is still a dividing line. "Hua" means change. Generally nice to collect the phenomenon of right "that". By using this "beautiful harmony" concept in all "WEN HUA YI ZHI", the requirement of "culture". Beauty and harmony are the highest priority of the culture. The essence of culture is to help people.

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