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What We Do

what we do

KAMG is one of Rwanda’s leading processers of premium quality semi- and fully washed coffee beans. We bring the coffee beans from plantations around the country, process them on washing stations and at our Pinhalense coffee hulling plant, and arrange the transport of the coffee beans to ensure our customers all over the world receive their supply of Rwandan premium coffee on scheduled time.

KAMG works with a regular group of coffee farmers in different areas of the country and DRC. We have access to the best coffee parchments in the country from several of Rwanda’s largest coffee plantations.

The fresh coffee parchments are brought to washing stations in Kayonza (Eastern Province) and Nyamasheke (Western Province), where the processing of the coffee beans starts. From here the coffee beans are transported to KAMG’s main facilities in Gitarama.

At our Pinhalense coffee hulling plant the beans are processed until the final stage of roasting.

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